Within North East Lincolnshire, there is quite a variety of networking groups; formal chapters of international organisations, sector-specific membership groups, early-morning breakfast meetings and those that are a little more informal and friendly, such as Work Wise Women.

Work Wise Women is a group for business women within North East Lincolnshire and the surrounding area, organised by Lindsay Henson, Independent Tax Specialist, and Sarah Bratton.


Every month, the group meets at Abbys Bistro, Grimsby, for the Last Tuesday Tea Time Club. Together they talk business and catch up over  food and drink, such as this delicious tapas buffet served with sangria or a fresh fruit punch.

Work-Wise-Women-Grimsby-Abbys-Tapas-(C)-Purple-Swirl-Freelance-Copywriter-LincolnshireAfter brief introductions and dining, the group listens to an invited guest speaker. In August, this speaker was Sam Delaney of Creative Start.

Work-Wise-Women-Grimsby-Creative-Start-(C)-Purple-Swirl-Freelance-Copywriter-LincolnshireWork-Wise-Women-Grimsby-Creative-Start-6-(C)-Purple-Swirl-Freelance-Copywriter-LincolnshireCreative Start is an Community Interest Company and Social Enterprise based in Grimsby dedicated to providing peer support to those recovering from alcohol and drug addiction and their affected others through artistic workshops. Sam established the group in 2010 following his own battles with addiction.

During his talk at Work Wise Women, Sam spoke openly of his lifestyle whilst working in the stock market in London, the troubles he faced and the steps he had to take to begin his recovery.  He found art to be a positive influence and set up the group as a way to provide artistic opportunities for those recovering, helping to rebuild confidence and self-esteem while offering continuing support.

While creativity is encouraged, many of the Creative Start group enjoy pop-art style acrylic on canvas.

Cleethorpes Pier Dog‘ by Sam Delaney.Work-Wise-Women-Grimsby-Creative-Start-1-(C)-Purple-Swirl-Freelance-Copywriter-LincolnshireA Moment of Peace‘ by Sam Delaney, depicting the First World War’s Christmas Day football match.
Work-Wise-Women-Grimsby-Creative-Start-2-(C)-Purple-Swirl-Freelance-Copywriter-LincolnshireSir Tony‘ by Sam Delaney.
Work-Wise-Women-Grimsby-Creative-Start-3-(C)-Purple-Swirl-Freelance-Copywriter-LincolnshireOne of Sam’s own tactile recovery pieces.
Work-Wise-Women-Grimsby-Creative-Start-5-(C)-Purple-Swirl-Freelance-Copywriter-LincolnshireIn addition to original canvasses, Creative Start sell prints of their creations, available from their online shop, keyrings, badges and magnets, which can be made to order for merchandise. The group has also been commissioned by Graham Chapman Classic Cars to paint  a series of murals within the company’s new showroom. This all helps towards Sam’s goal making the enterprise self-sustainable; many of the Work Wise Women members snapped up prints and keyrings on the evening.

The next Tuesday Tea Time Club will take place on Tuesday 29th September, where the guest speaker will be Julia Thompson of East Coast Pictures, sharing the latest news and developments  from DiscoverNEL. To book your place and for more information, visit the Work Wise Women website, and to find out more about Creative Start, visit their website.


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