For one night and one night only, Work Wise Women took their monthly Last Tuesday Teatime Club and moved it to a Friday for ladies night at The Paint Box Ceramic Cafe, Cleethorpes. 

The evening started at Tale of Two Craft Bar & Restaurant (formerly Riverside) for a catch up over food and drinks…


If you haven’t paid a visit since it’s massive expansion and refurbishment, then you must! Downstairs is a super stylish bar serving Dickens-inspired cocktails, wines, beers and all kinds of gins (and soft drinks, of course), and the restaurant upstairs has been transformed into a light and airy but cosy place to eat with incredible views of the beach.

We were served a selection of dishes from the restaurant’s World Tapas menu – Grimsby Haddock Goujons, Roasted Courgettes and Peppers, Garlic Mushrooms, Patatas Bravas, Tempura Prawns, Potato Wedges and Spicy Meatballs – picking and choosing as we pleased. The food was wonderful, so fresh and full of flavour.

After making room for seconds, we headed round the corner to Sea View Street, a lovely boutique shopping area (recently praised in the Guardian!) and down Cambridge Street to The Paint Box – this is where we started to go a bit potty…


Aren’t these amazing?! I can just see myself painting a Beauty & The Beast / Mrs Tea Pot and Chip inspired pot next time I’m here…

We were greeted by Rachel, the lovely owner, who explained how The Paint Box works. You pick your pot of choice, whether it’s a dog bowl, flower pot, tea cup or a decorative plaque (there is a lot to choose from, expect to change your mind at least three times), and the prices are written underneath in pencil. On your table, there is a plate that shows what all of the paint colours look like once they have dried and been glossed, and then you get creative! Rachel suggests having at least three coats of paint for a smoother, more vibrant finish, and she also has a box of stencils and stickers for you to use too. As well as the price of the pot, you pay a studio fee of just £3 and your masterpiece will be ready to collect in around 7 days time.

For my first attempt, I painted a little dish in the shape of a mason jar – very sweet.


The end result…


I’m using it as a place to put my jewellery on my dressing table, and I think it works rather well!


You can find The Paint Box Ceramic Cafe and Tale of Two on Facebook, and find out more about Work Wise Women on their website.