Wishful Thinking Week 2014 - www.wishfulthinkingweek.org.uk/

We all have dreams and aspirations we want to achieve; they may be career goals, aims for your health, or wishes for holidays or winning the lottery. Whatever your wants may be, this is the week to start taking steps towards achieving your dreams.

28th July saw the start of Wishful Thinking Week, seven days dedicated to inspiring ourselves and others to ensure we meet our goals, however unattainable they may seem.

Research has found that only 20% of people believe achieving their dream is possible, but yet the most popular aspirations are to lose weight, write a book and swim with dolphins – things that can be achieved with the right support and a positive attitude.

Rosie Shipp, one of the organisers behind Wishful Thinking Week explains: “It’s the ideal time for people to think a little bit bigger. Whatever the goal is, it’s often much more achievable than we think it is if only we go to the right place for the right advice, so we want to encourage people to dare to pursue whatever it is that perhaps they’re secretly wishing for. This is the time to start turning your wishes into a reality!”

Whether your goal is simple or a great challenge, there are steps you can take that will help you on your way.

1. Be realistic; you may have dreams of becoming a pioneering success in your career, or to win the lottery, but chances are these will not happen over night! Think about a realistic time frame and any obstacles you will need to overcome.

2. Plan how you’re going to achieve it; make a list of information about any resources you may need, what the steps are that you need to take, and any other information that will be key to success.

3. Set little goals; achieving your dreams step by step will make your big wish seem more manageable and encourage you to continue. Plus, this allows you to reward yourself when a mini goal has been reached too!

4. Visualise it; write your dreams down, draw them, or make collage or poster you can look at to keep you motivated.

5. Think positive; the most important step! A positive attitude and wishful thinking can go a long, long way.

Visit the Wishful Thinking Week website for more information.