It is safe to say there are some pretty incredible things happening in North East Lincolnshire right now; great organisations are choosing Grimsby as the place to host international events, Cleethorpes has been chosen to host of the biggest national events of 2016 and the whole region is being recognised for its potential in numerous sectors. It is a very exciting place to be for thriving SMEs too, and a new venture has opened its doors to further support the local creative industry.

The-404-Grimsby-(c)-Purple-Swirl-Freelance-Copywriter-LincolnshireInvento, a Grimsby-based software development company, has moved into one of Grimsby’s old nightclubs (The Venue, amongst other names), and transformed it into a shared working space for the Invento team and local freelancers – The 404.

The entrance is secluded around the back of the building, and you enter to a mural created by local artist Clumsy Pickle. Upstairs is an open plan room complete with desks for the more focused workers, and a comfy corner for those who have a more relaxed approach to work.

The-404-Grimsby-8-(c)-Purple-Swirl-Freelance-Copywriter-LincolnshireAll around you’ll see motivational posters…

The-404-Grimsby-2-(c)-Purple-Swirl-Freelance-Copywriter-Lincolnshire… and then there’s the bar area, which is still intact for those days when you just need a cup of coffee to keep you going.


The new occupants hosted an open event so local business people could see the space for themselves. Creatives from all sectors, online marketing, design, development, writing, printing, video, business support and local authority attended, enjoying a light beer, a slice of pizza (if they arrived early enough!) and some flash talks.

Becky Barnes of BB Freelance and Mrs BeBe Blog spoke about blogging…

The-404-Grimsby-5-(c)-Purple-Swirl-Freelance-Copywriter-LincolnshireWhile Mark Webb of E-Factor and The Business Hive gave some inspirational advice on business success and its contradictions. I spoke about social media while Dan Codd, a software developer, talked about a new method of working, Agile Development.

The-404-Grimsby-6-(c)-Purple-Swirl-Freelance-Copywriter-LincolnshireAgile development may be a specific way of working for developers, but the principles on collaboration between business and client were certainly well received. The flash talks really highlighted the potential of like-minded freelancers working together in one designated space, sharing ideas and helping each other in their own work.

Louis Harwood, Director of Invento, formally introduced The 404 and thanked everybody for coming.The-404-Grimsby-7-(c)-Purple-Swirl-Freelance-Copywriter-LincolnshireAnd the guests chatted amongst themselves while they finished their drinks before heading home.

The 404 is now open to freelancers (weekdays from 9am until 5pm), and subscription and event details will be confirmed soon. The 404 are on Facebook and Twitter, so get in touch for more information.