Last week, I had a sneak peek of the brand new Love Aroma store in Grimsby before it opened to the public; I had a great time and learned a lot about the different ways to fragrance your home. Kindly, the Love Aroma team allowed me to pick three candles to experience, so here are my choices… (And keep reading for a special discount code to use in store!)


Usually when buying candles, I tend to go for very sickly sweet scents – vanilla, buttrecreams, cupcakes, that sort of vibe (and I’m putting that down to my big sweet tooth!) so when picking some candles from Love Aroma, I wanted to choose three fragrances which I wouldn’t ordinarily choose. 

Yankee Candles


I didn’t intend to choose two pink candles, but obviously on this day I was in a very pink mood! These two particular scents are both candles I smelled during the tour of Love Aroma and instantly liked, for completely different reasons.

Champaca Blossom is part of Yankee Candle’s floral range, and it certainly has a powerful floral tone that is quite sweet which, for me, makes it quite relaxing. It reminds me a little of some perfumes, and after a quick search I found that champaca is actually a mid-note in Calvin Klein’s Euphoria! I do enjoy having fresh flowers at home in the living room, so Champaca Blossom is a nice way to accentuate this throughout spring.  

Pink Grapefruit is exactly what you expect it to be – fun, extremely fruity and invigorating! Of course it is sweet, which is just how I like my candles, but it is not ‘sugary sweet’, making it quite refreshing. You can smell the citrus instantly, so I am sure this will be one for those who enjoy fruity, tart scents. I am going to be saving this candle for those bright, sunny summer days.

*QUICK TIP: When smelling candles, sniff the inside of Yankee’s lids rather than the candle; this allows the scent to be aired giving a more accurate taste of the fragrance.*



WoodWick is not a brand I know too much about, but after hearing about the candles at Love Aroma, I think it may become one of my new favourites! The candle is soy and, as I mentioned in this blog post, the PlusWick is specially designed to burn more efficiently, releasing the scent quickly, and it makes a great crackling noise – very calming.

I opted for a very neutral scent, something completely different to my earlier choices and what I would not normally purchase myself. WoodWick’s Linen smells exactly like freshly washed clothes that have been drying in a breeze, which makes it very refreshing, perfect for an post-spring clean home scent; it is easy to see why fragrances such as this, which are quite simple and clean, tend to be bestsellers!

 *QUICK TIP: Have your candles burning for a few of hours at a time. If you burn them for a few minutes and then blow them out, you will end up with the annoying tunnel that runs through the centre of the candle.*



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*These candles were gifted to me after a visit to the Love Aroma store in Grimsby. All words, images and opinions are my own.