For me, good copy is simple, effective and well-structured whilst being engaging, relatable and enjoyable to read (not to mention accurate and grammatically correct!) I strive to make sure the copy I write is just those things, whatever the project may be.


I love blogging. I honestly believe it is one of the most effective marketing methods; creating an online identity that showcases your business’ personality whilst engaging with fellow businesses, existing clients and a potential customer base.

This is why I would be more than happy to create and implement a blogging package tailored exclusively to your business.

I will draw up an editorial plan that incorporates both your business’ latest news and general happenings in your industry to ensure the published content not only entertains and informs the reader, but effectively promotes your brand too. I will then research and write the post, and source any images needed to compliment your blog post.

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Social Media

When it comes to social media, my focus is on quality, relatable content. Content that is engaging and tailored towards your industry and clients, and published in your branding’s personality and voice to ensure your business is  effectively represented in this exciting, ever developing medium.

The packages I create cover all aspects of social media, from publishing interesting, relevant content and interacting with fellow users, to monitoring and analysing account performance and covering events with live tweets.

Fancy a little example of what I can do for you?


Email newsletters can be an absolute pleasure to receive; sometimes all you need is short, sharp pieces of information to lead you onto something more substantial. Plus, they are quick and cheap, which is why they have become one of my favourite online marketing tools.

My email newsletter packages all start with a content plan incorporating key aspects of your business, industry and goals, followed by newsletters which not only highlight your brand’s personality but encourages a response from your subscribers, whether it is a click through or a lead. Plus, I will send reports so we can see exactly what is working for you.

Online Copy

For many people, a business’ website is their first port of call when seeking information, which is why it is so important that the content is clear whilst still maintaining the personality of the brand. Whether it is a homepage welcome message, a case study, latest news articles, ‘meet the team’ interviews or product descriptions for an online shop, I can help. I also work closely with web development and graphic design companies to provide written content for their creative projects.

Print Copy

From local sports clubs and independent retailers selling homemade products, to suppliers to the Humber’s key industries and award-winning hotels hosting lavish weddings and parties, I have experience in writing copy for a whole host of businesses from all different sectors. I am available to write advertorials, copy for brochures or leaflets and promotional articles for publication within a magazine or newspaper, and each piece will be written to specified word counts and deadlines whilst keeping the target audience in mind.

The important bits…

Each project I undertake is different, and I find the most accurate way to provide you with a quote is by taking into account all aspects of the job at hand; the need for research, availability of tools and information, travelling, deadlines, or ongoing projects. Whatever the brief, I will consider them all and provide you with a highly competitive quote with full details of what I can provide for you.