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It feels like Springtime is finally here; the sun is shining, the temperature is warming and the nights are getting brighter – and I think I have found my new favourite fruity drink for the summer!

The Rose Cup is a long drink that is currently being promoted in my nearby Toby Carvery, The Hainton in Grimsby. We stopped by during a little walk on Easter Sunday and it instantly caught my eye. As somebody who’s not a big drinker but loves a nice cocktail, it sounded like the perfect sunny Sunday afternoon drink.

All you need is the new Pimms Strawberry with a hint of mint, and the limited edition Garden Rose J2O, which is apple, raspberry and rose flavour (and is just as delicious by itself). Then add a strawberry, a wedge of lime and a slice of orange, and what you’ll have is a fruity, refreshing drink with a subtle taste of rose and mint that just oozes summertime in the garden!