As somebody with a big sweet tooth, it’s always great to find alternative treats that are better for you than sugar-filled chocolate, sweets and cake (as much I love them!). So when I spotted these bars from Grimsby’s newest traditional sweet shop, it was about time I paid a quick visit. 

You’ll find Sweet Temptations in the lovely boutique shopping area of Abbeygate, Grimsby. The shop opened last Summer, and has shelf after shelf of  bon bons, retro goodies, fudge, chocolate and gummies (prosecco flavour!) They’re quite lively on social media, and if you already follow them, you will see they have been posting all about this healthy offering, raw chocolates and fudge from the Raw Chocolate Pie Company in Cornwall.


As you can see, they’re sugar, dairy and gluten free, and are nothing like the fruit-based bars (which is honestly what I was expecting!) Made with cacao nibs and coconut butter, they’re crunchy in texture and are quite rich, so you only need a little piece at a time. You can really taste the natural peppermint extract in the Peppermint Pie, and I imagine the other varieties are just as flavoursome; there’s green tea and lemon, orange and ginger, popcorn, chili and pink Himalayan salt, to name a few! According to their website, the ‘clean, good fat’ coconut oil can actually boost metabolism too – how great is that?!

But what impressed me even more was the Raw Vanilla Fudge…


Super creamy and really sweet, but again with no sugar, dairy and gluten! At the shop, I was told the peanut butter fudge is to die for, but unfortunately they didn’t have any left! However, they are getting in another delivery with more flavours very soon, if you fancy your own visit.

The Raw Chocolate Pie Company have a great story; they’re a small family business near St Ives and all of their bars are organic, fair trade, and completely handmade without the use of factory units. You can read all about the pie’s nutritional value here, and soon they’ll have a range of raw chocolate eggs available just in time for Easter, which you will also be able to buy from Sweet Temptations.

Sweet Temptations are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, and the shop is open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm.