The Business Hive

News Articles & Press Releases

In 2016, The Business Hive – e-factor’s enterprise support club – introduced a brand new, four-page business news supplement to the weekly Cleethorpes Chronicle newspaper. The supplement features good news stories from Business Hive members across North East Lincolnshire, and I was brought on board to help write the articles.

This is a highly enjoyable project. I get to travel across the borough and meet business people from all sectors. So far, this project has taken me to chemical processing industry training providers, jewellery designers, garden centres, bars and restaurants, recruitment agencies, offshore renewables maintenance offices, and much more. The supplement is published every two months, and the newspaper itself has a readership of 50,000.

In addition to this, I have helped the Business Hive to create press releases for their own good news stories and events, and have live-tweeted their events, including Hive Challenge and Business Hive Live. Take a look at Business Hive Business News.