The Pina Colada - Golin

This is a good week for food and drink lovers – Monday was Chocolate Day, and today we are celebrating the Piña Colada!

In honour of this day dedicated to the rum-based cocktail, has released their recipe for the perfect Piña Colada! It’s a fruity, creamy drink that is perfect for a mid-week slice of sunshine.

To make your own, here’s the recipe:


  • 80ml Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold
  • 3tbsp Coconut Cream/Milk
  • 3 pieces of Pineapple
  • 1 Cherry

How to make:

  • 1. Fill a blender with ice
  • 2. Add Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold, coconut cream, crushed pineapple and ice to a blender
  • 3. Blend until smooth
  • 4. Pour into a tall glass
  • 5. Garnish with a cherry

Recipe kindly supplied by

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