It is no suprise that more and more brands are embracing organic ingredients and that retailers are stocking all-natural ranges – we, as consumers, are becoming increasingly aware of what we are putting on our skin as well as the effects certain ingredients could potentially have on our body. The skin is not only our largest organ but it protects us, so it is vital that we take great care of it.

Of course, all beauty products are subjected to stringent testing and trials to ensure they are completely safe for us to use, but did you know that some ingredients can make their way into our blood vessels after being absorbed by the skin? Research has also found that some ingredients found in beauty products can be found in cleaning items and anti-freeze – it makes you think, doesn’t it?

These are the reasons why the Soil Association has launched #OrganicBeauty Week – to enhance awareness of organic beauty products and their benefits.

#OrganicBeauty Week, running from 8th to 14th September, is part of Organic September, and this year’s theme is ‘Small Changes, Big Difference’. A big part of this campaign is to promote the ways in which to spot a genuine organic product from those that simply claim to be. While many products may state ‘organic’ or ‘natural’, some actually only contain minimal amounts. To help you to understand labelling on beauty products, the Soil Association have created this Organic Beauty Product Labelling Guide.

Also, a number of beauty brands are joining in and offering special discounts and offers especially for #OrganicBeauty Week; you can find a full listing on the Soil Association’s website.

So, if you have ever thought about trialling an organic beauty product, this weekend really is the time to give it a go.