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kitchen table

It’s safe to say that your work environment will affect your productivity; whether you work from home or have your own commercial property, having a clutter-free, professional work space is a must. But, this doesn’t mean that offices have to be formal, neutral or simply plain (and quite frankly, boring.) An office can be a stylish, inspirational place of work that reflects both your own, and your business’ personality. All it takes is a  colour scheme, plenty of storage, and a few accessories that not only serve a purpose, but look pretty good too.

One of our favourites is this private workspace in Grimsby, which boasts a light, homely office and an adjoining warehouse. It combines the matte and gloss surfaces of the furniture and walls with combinations of grey shades with white, accentuated with hints of bright yellow. Despite being an industrial space, the office is nice and bright, and is accessorised with ‘shabby chic’ stationery and accessories, including cushions, desk maps and canvases which coordinate with the business’ services. Even the kitchen has a pretty, pastel, country style table and chairs. Plus, the team is surrounded by motivational phrases to keep them inspired and working hard throughout the day.