As you walk through Freshney Place, you may notice a refreshing scent of sweet, fruity and fresh fragrances in the air; this is the arrival of the shopping centre’s latest store.


Love Aroma is a leading retailer of home fragrance, bringing candle, diffuser, fragrance oil and accessory brands from across the globe into one beautifully-scented destination store. Originally established in Derby, Love Aroma is now opening its new branch in Freshney Place, Grimsby (today!), and fans of home fragrance will not be disappointed.

To begin, you have Yankee Candle; Love Aroma is the largest independent retailer of Yankee Candles in the UK, and Grimsby’s store contains shelf after shelf of both classic customer favourites and brand new collections, including the deliciously sweet and welcoming Café Culture. 


The store stocks all sizes of candle, including votives and wax melts, and also has a selection of accessories, from shades and trays to votives and tea light holders (the Gold & Pearl range is most definitely my favourite!). Here you can also buy gift sets that can be wrapped by the team in store – perfect for experimenting with fragrance mixology. 

Another brand on offer is WoodWick, high quality soy candles boasting an innovative wick that is actually quite special.


WoodWick’s fragrances range from fun and fruity, such as Seaside Mimosa to the more rustic and subtle scents such as Linen and Cedar, and again are available in all sizes. What makes WoodWick candles special is their ability to produce vibrant scents in such a short space of time, and this is thanks to PlusWick. This natural wood wick allows the fragrance to be released quickly, and it also creates a soothing crackling sound when burning – these candles are a must for creating a homely, relaxing atmosphere when curling up with a good book or in front of the telly in the evening.

But it is not just candles, Love Aroma has various solutions for home fragrancing, including a range of elegant, stylish diffusers from proud British brand Stone Glow.


The Stone Glow range of diffusers and candles have a luxurious appearance, with scents such as Lotus Flower & Jasmine and Grapefruit & Mimosa included in the collection. Whilst in store, the candles, which are all hand poured right here in the UK, are kept under a cloche; by smelling the air inside the cloches, you will experience the true fragrances of the candles as the perfumer intended. It really gives a boutique, expert feel to customer service.

Finally, we come to Lampe Berger, a French brand that uses unique technology to provide a whole new home fragrance experience. (I NEED one of these in my home!)


In 1898, Maurice Berger invented the system of diffusion by catalysis to help purify the disease-ridden air of hospitals. Fragrances were added and soon, this innovative way of purifying and perfuming air was introduced to the home. To release the scents, light the Lampe Berger stone and wait for a couple of minutes until the flame reduces in size, and then you blow the flame out. Soon, your home will be filled with fragrance that can last into the next day.


Love Aroma sells both the fragrance and the decorative lamps, which are not only elegant and beautifully designed, but are also refillable. Should you wish to change fragrance – and there are many you must try – you simply use the neutral oil, allowing you to enjoy the next scent as it should be enjoyed.

To celebrate the Grimsby store opening, Love Aroma has three special offers…

  • Spend £25 on Yankee Candles and get a small Yankee Candle jar (worth £7.99) for free! 
  • OR Spend £25 on WoodWick and receive a WoodWick wax melt free!
  • OR Receive a free lamp fragrance with every Lampe Berger lamp purchased!

*Only certain fragrances are available as freebies – there are more details and T&Cs in store. Plus, these offers are only in store while stocks last – so be quick!

And of course, not forgetting 25% off the Fragrance of the Month; May’s fragrances are A Child’s Wish and Soft Blanket by Yankee Candle, and Ocean Escape and Beach Boardwalk by WoodWick.

Love Aroma can be found in Friargate of Freshney Place, close to WH Smith and Thorntons and is open from today (Wednesday 6th May!) You can also visit Love Aroma online at