Every month, Anne Winslow of Quest Therapies hosts two sessions dedicated to relaxation and visualisation. An hour of sitting back, closing your eyes and doing absolutely nothing but listening to her calming words – it is absolutely wonderful. 

Taking time out to enjoy even just a few minutes of mindfulness can help you find motivation for your personal and professional lives, clearing away any thoughts or stresses that can be clogging your mind. Anne has kindly shared some of her words and advice in this guest post.

Relaxation At Home

It is so important to incorporate relaxation into our daily lives, and that doesn’t just mean a glass of wine on an evening. It’s about finding a way of accessing a deep peace and stillness within that can change your life.

In this busy modern world, I think true relaxation is the missing link in so many people’s lives. So whether you call it meditation, mindfulness, visualisation or just relaxation, it doesn’t really matter. It’s about doing something that brings a deep feeling of peace to you, otherwise life looses it’s joy and you feel like you are on that hamster wheel and never getting off.

Try This Relaxation

Find somewhere comfortable to sit, where you won’t be disturbed, and just close your eyes.

Take a long slow deep breath in, and letting it go. Another long slow deep breath in, and just letting it go. Then taking a third long, slow, deep breath in, and just let it go. Just allowing it to relax you. Then watch your breath, as it returns to its own natural pace.

Imagine on the in breath you are breathing in peace and relaxation, and on the out breath you are letting go of anything you no longer need. Gently, steadily, at your own pace, allowing yourself to relax deeper now.

As you rest there, imagine that a shower of shimmering white light is bathing over you, it is soothing you, and relaxing you, it is washing away any heavy energy, any hurts and wounds, any feelings of unworthiness, any old habits you no longer need, and you can just rest and relax, as it does that. (Take as long as you want or need. Enjoy it.)

Now imagine that shower of light is bathing you in unconditional love, washing all over you. Filling you with the most beautiful loving feeling and an inner knowing that you are worthy and that you deserve to be happy. Allowing that unconditional love to wash all over you, let it empower you, and energise you. Let it motivate you to make positive choices in life. Feeling very loved, very loving and FREE.

Then when you are ready, open your eyes, coming back fully present, feeling relaxed and empowered, energised and motivated. Ready to live your life in JOY.

Here’s What You Do.

You can read this to yourself slowly and allow it to relax you. You can record it onto a device and listen to it when you want to relax (remember only when it’s safe to do so) or you can get someone else to read it to you very slowly.

Incorporate this into your daily life and let those few minutes of relaxation make a difference. The words are powerful and your subconscious mind is listening. Your subconscious hears that you are breathing in peace and relaxation and letting go of all you no longer need. It hears that you are being bathed in shimmering white light and it is bathing away those feelings of unworthiness, and old habits you no longer need. It hears that you are being bathed in unconditional love, and that you are being empowered, energised and motivated to make positive choices, feeling loved, loving and FREE. And the good news is, your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined! ENJOY. YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY.

Anne’s sessions, Success and Happiness Through Relaxation, take place on the second Tuesday of every month, at 5.30pm and 7.30pm, at The Business Hive, Grimsby. To join one of these events, or to arrange your own time with Anne, visit The Quest’s website and Facebook page.

All words © Anne Winslow – The Journey to Inner Joy and Wellbeing 2016