Elemis Biotec at Beauty at the Gate Grimsby

This month, Beauty at the Gate has something very exciting happening. The Holton-le-Clay salon will be introducing a new range of treatments to its beauty menu, a series of facials that not only use massage strokes and skincare products to achieve results, but also a combination of currents, oxygen and light technologies. 

Biotec is the latest range of treatments from Elemis, and it has been designed to recharge the skin and help restore its natural balance. The brand says: “The Elemis Biotec system is scientifically proven to increase cell energy for optimum skin function. This pioneering skincare re-energises the complexion and enhances visible skin health.”

And for one week only, Beauty at the Gate was joined by Elemis Expert Lelia, who gave the salon’s clients an exclusive preview of the treatments before the big launch in September.

I met with Lelia, who conducted a full consultation before my facial. We discussed my lifestyle – activities, diet, health and existing skincare routine – before I told her all about my combination, blemish-prone skin. After going through the seven facials available, which each target a specific problem area, Lelia suggested the Biotec Triple Tec treatment, otherwise known as Line Eraser, with an added technology so I could sample four of the five available.

Line Eraser began with a gentle cleanse and tone, before the first technology is applied. For me, it was the ultrasonic peel, which uses rapid vibrations to draw out impurities for deep exfoliation. It feels like lots of tiny, powerful water jets cleaning out the pores, and I could hear and feel the technology working that little bit harder over the areas of my skin that are a little more clogged and prone to breakouts, which I found fascinating! My skin felt so, so tingly and clean immediately afterwards.

Next, an amber massage balm is used, which acts as a conductor for the microcurrent lift. Low-intensity electrical currents are applied through two rods, which Lelia moved across my face, focusing on areas where lines are likely to appear, mainly around the lips and eyes.

Lelia then applied a hydra-active gel soothing mask to calm the skin – incredibly refreshing – before both red and blue LED light technology is used to help achieve an even skin tone. This really calmed the appearance of my blemishes.

The final technology of this facial was oxygen infusion. This is the noisiest of the technologies, so Lelia gave me a pre-warning and tested it on my shoulder first as not to shock me in my super relaxed state. It feels like tiny puffs of air moving across the whole face, and it helps to plump the skin and smooth out any lines.

After coming out of relaxation, I looked in the mirror and was amazed by how instant the results are! My pores looked so much smaller, blemishes and redness were much calmer and less angry, and my skin looked more plump. Overall, my complexion looked glowing and healthy, and I absolutely loved it! To give you an idea of the results, independent clinical trials found that there was a 68% reduction in depth of fine lines and wrinkles after just one treatment.

Elemis Biotec launches at Beauty at the Gate in September. A facial takes around 60 minutes, but a course of treatments is recommended; as Lelia said, the aim to is to re-educate the skin to help it perform its key functions. And what’s more, an individual facial is just £59! An excellent price for such an innovative targetted treatment.

You can find more information about the Biotec range of treatments on the Beauty at the Gate website, and look out for a Q&A with Lelia in the next issue of Beauty at the Gate magazine.


*The Elemis Biotec facial was offered to me by Beauty at the Gate, but all opinions are my own.