Last Wednesday, while having the obligatory lunchtime browse on Facebook, an article from Cosmopolitan caught my eye – 20 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Girl From A Small Seaside Town.

Cosmopolitan-UK-seaside-girls-article-website-1Cosmopolitan-UK-seaside-girls-article-website-2Up until the age of 22, I lived in the coastal resort town Cleethorpes, just minutes away from the beach – and even now I only live a short 10 minute car journey away! I have grown up spending time at the beach with family and hanging around with friends on a weekend or after school, then on nights out from age 18 onwards – I knew this article, written By Cassie Powney and Gem Royston-Claire, would be for me! 

As a twenty-something seaside girl, here are some of my favourite points and my own (tongue-in-cheek) experiences…

Cosmopolitan UK seaside girls article 1

Ok, this one isn’t strictly true as Cleethorpes’ has some fantastic places to eat, and a variety of cuisines to choose from (take a look at my Riverside post here), but sometimes you just can’t beat traditional fish ‘n’ chips. There’s something about eating them out in the open sea air that makes it all the better. Plus, you can practically guarantee that the fish is fresh Grimsby haddock – the best!

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I may not be the best at crazy golf, but it’s not for lack of trying. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I have played Cleethorpes’ crazy golf courses! Although, the worst player in my family has to be my brother who, one day, decided to do a full-on golf swing and smack my dad in the forehead with the club… Now we can laugh about it!

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Cleethorpes does have a very good cinema (Parkway Cinema); it has the latest films and live acts and shows from local theatre groups. But before this was built in 2004, we had to take a bus journey to the cinema in Grimsby – and this did feel like a big day out! Visiting the nearby cheap supermarket to stock up on crisps and sweets before sneaking them in to see the likes of Moulin Rouge and Harry Potter. It wasn’t until I visited a cinema in a nearby city in my late teens that I realised just how extravagant they could be, with their mini food courts and never-ending escalators! 

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I think we have all experienced a seagull stealing the flake from our 99’s at some point in life… For me, there is one particular occasion as a teenager, when leaving the Leisure Centre after swimming with friends one weekend, that we decided to get some chips (naturally). One friend then decided to throw chips into the air for the seagulls to catch, and it seemed like hundreds (a lot!) began following and diving at us along the promenade. We had to take shelter in an arcade – so NEVER underestimate the power of a seagull.

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For any folks that grew up around the Darleys Hotel/Leaking Boot area of Cleethorpes, I have just two words… Fisherman Jack.

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