Everybody enjoys lighting candles for their own reasons. Some may want to create an ambient atmosphere for a cosy evening in, some may want to fill their homes with all kinds of subtle or indulgent scents, and others may use them as a way to relax and unwind after a rather hectic day. The Cleethorpes Candle Company has created a collection of candles that are not only full of fragrance but are pretty fun too.

Hayley began making soy candles and wax melts a hobby, creating scent combinations that are sweet and whimsical,  inspired by mermaids, unicorns, magic, fairies, childhood memories and the seaside – how wonderful! Now The Cleethorpes Candle Company has become her very own ‘kitchen table’ business.

One of Hayley’s items is Reclaimed Pretties, candles made in vintage tea cups and saucers. This candle is ‘Wanderlust’.


‘Wanderlust’ was Hayley’s very first scent and is still one of her favourites today. It’s a combination of bubblegum and pineapple with added floral notes, and I can tell you it smells wonderful! It certainly takes you back to your childhood and all of those classic Hubba-Bubbas and bubblegum flavoured sweeties, and that’s even before it’s lit! The candle is finished with its own wax melt and a sprinkling of ‘fairy dust’ too.

You couldn’t create ‘magic’ candles without embracing the spookiest time of year. So, Hayley has recently launched her Halloween melts.


This Halloweeny melt is ‘Hocus Pocus’, black and orange waxes with an extra little melt and even more glitter. The spiced pumpkin scent hits you as soon as you enter a room and you can certainly smell the cinnamon, very autumnal.

As well as candles in tea cups, jars and travel tins, Hayley has created something a little special. ‘Fairy Wishes’ is a large, two-wicked candle and hidden somewhere within the soy wax is a real silver ring!

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*These Candles and Melts were offered to me by The Cleethorpes Candle Company, but all opinions are my own.