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They may seem like summertime pests to some, but the truth is that bumblebees are vitally important to the ecosystem. They are responsible for pollinating our crops, fruits and flowers, and without them, produce like apples, strawberries, tomatoes, even coffee would disappear – not to mention that delicious local honey.

Despite their importance, the number of bumblebees in the UK has drastically reduced in recent years, with two species becoming extinct since 1940. This is due to flowers, the bumblebees’ food source, being removed from our landscapes. So, to help raise awareness of the importance of bumblebees, and to highlight the small things that can be done to help protect population numbers, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust has gathered together a group of celebrities, including Ben Fogle and Melissa Joan Hart, to explain why exactly we need to keep the bumblebee alive.


Simple acts like planting bee-friendly flowers can help the survival of the bumblebee, and you see exactly how bee-friendly your garden is by visiting the Bee Kind website. More tips, advice and information about joining the Trust is available on the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website.