After a full week of planning, writing, training, networking, number crunching and all of the other things that businesses do, an afternoon of fun away from the office is much needed every now and again. The Business Hive had just the trick.


Last Friday, the Grimsby-based business support club hosted the first annual Business Hive Challenge! An afternoon of fierce-but-friendly competition and rivalry between businesses, large and small, from all sectors.

Held within the beautiful grounds of Healing Manor Hotel, the teams, which included VESR (aka DiscoverNEL) Dong Energy UK, the Grimsby Institute, Clark Weightman, Humber Recruitment and the Pink Jacket Marketing Company, calmly collected themselves with a refreshing drink and prepared for the upcoming competition.



Mark Webb, Managing Director of The Business Hive welcomed the teams and showcased the ultimate prize… the Hive Challenge Cup! Raring to go, the challengers began to practice the afternoon’s activities, before returning to base for some light refreshments and the rules…

  1. Each person in each team can have two gos of the activities
  2. The top three scores of each activity would be added together to create the high score
  3. The team with the highest scores wins!

Fired up, the teams went for it!

Laser clay pigeon shooting…


… target shooting…


… archery …


… and what was possibly the most challenging of the activities, disc golf.


For 90 minutes, the teams battled it out, racing to the next activity and cheering on their colleagues. It is safe to say there was the occasional shouts of banter too, especially from the more competitive challengers – some were taking the afternoon very seriously! Of course, it was all in good fun.

Then it was time to retreat to the brand new barn for some delicious food and for the winners to be crowned.


The new General Manager of Healing Manor, Luc, gave a brief insight into all of the exciting things happening at the hotel over the next few months, and Mark thanked GHoPA (Get Hooked on Positive Activities) for providing the day’s activities.

Finally, the winners were announced. Each team stood at their tables and sat down once their names had been called until one team was left standing…. Dong Energy UK!



I don’t think many people were surprised, Team Dong were ready for this! And now, I am quite sure that many of the teams are already preparing for next year’s Challenge – they want to steal that title!

P.S. If you’re  a member of The Business Hive, I have an exclusive offer for you!