There are a lot of aspects in life which can change the shape and texture of the skin on your face – diet, lack of water, excessive exercising and everyday ageing for example – so it is important to ensure that your skin receives the nutrients and treatments it needs so that it not only looks its best, but is healthy too.

Jayne, of the Courtyard Beauty Salon, Cleethorpes, offers a facial that aims to rejuvenate and restore the skin’s architecture from deep within, Action Sublime from [comfort zone].


Action Sublime is a new treatment for the face, neck, shoulders and arms, encouraging calming relaxation while your skin gets a serious seeing to using the Sublime Skin range. This nourishing, deep renewing facial has anti-aging benefits that are achieved through intense peels, massage and rich moisturising. 

Jayne begins the facial with an inhalation of calming scented oil as you settle into the thick, cosy covers. To start, you experience a double cleanse followed by a double peel (with an additional peel booster) and face renewer that aims to renew the skin’s cells from deep within. Using Recover Touch, a vitamin-rich anti-oxidant treatment, and Tranquility, a blend of essential oils, your face, head, neck, chest, shoulders, arms and feet are massaged and gently stretched.

Next comes the cooling Sublime Skin eye patch and the super thick Subime Skin peel off mask, which just feels incredibly indulgent as you are relaxing. Finally, your skin is replenished with the Sublime Skin serum, cream and eye cream. 

The result, for me, was skin that looked brighter, softer and much more even (my breakout areas were much calmer!) I felt as though my skin was firmer and totally refreshed, as if I had a brand new layer of skin which felt wonderful, and was just what I needed.

And to prolong the effects of Action Sublime, [comfort zone] has developed a range of home care products so you can continue to rejuvenate and rebuild the skin in between facials; the results of an independent laboratory test showed that 85% of women saw replumped skin with a 21% reduction in the depth of wrinkles when using the Sublime Skin serum for 30 days.* 

For more information about Jayne’s [comfort zone] treatments, including Action Sublime, contact Jayne on Facebook or through the Courtyard Beauty Salon website


*SOURCE: [Comfort Zone] Sublime Skin booklet.

** The Action Sublime Facial was offered to me by Courtyard Beauty Salon, but all opinions are my own.